Erika Delgado Photography

Erika Delgado Photography

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As Owner and Principal Event Planner, I work closely with my clients and listen intently to all their desires and create a cohesive event that is truly an extension of them. I believe that events should be organic, intimate environments regardless of the guest count being 20 or 300.  My focus is always my client. I guide them through the entire process providing expert advice and imaginative ideas. Quite the persnickety planner, I strive for perfection leaving no detail to chance. In addition to planning and styling, I offer creative direction, vendor curation, and consulting to meet the needs of my clients.

Through the years, I have built relationships with some of the best in the industry and together we create magic; from stationery and event branding, to specialty rentals and lighting selection, my ultimate goal is to create an elegant, memorable and relaxing experience for my clients and their guests alike.

Far more than just another event company, at RBE, we believe in community which is why our social responsibility is centered on bridging the gap between high school and post secondary achievement as well as exposing disadvantaged children to the arts. 



  1. I did ballet and tap until my senior year in high school. My "shuffle ball change" is serious!

  2. I live for and in jeans and heels; it's become a uniform of sorts (or trainers...I LOVE trainers).

  3. Ceremonies are my favorite part of a wedding. I'm usually in the back bawling like a baby. Don't judge me!

  4. My all time favorite musical artist is Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley. "Redemption Song" is my go to.

  5. I enjoyed sewing clothes for my dolls and setting the table for my mom's dinners as a kid. Old habits die hard, huh?

  6. Speaking of...dinner parties, for no particular reason other than fellowship, have a special place in my heart.

  7. I am Jamaican born and (partially) raised. I love my tiny little island. "Out of Many One People".
    BONUS: My favorite number is seven because of its symbolism. i.e. - perfection, divinity, infinity.